Cold Weather Payment Postcodes, Full List of Nearly 300 Postcodes Eligible for Payments

What are cold weather Payment postcodes? In the UK, the government has initiated a financial assistance program for people known as the Cold Weather payment scheme. This scheme is administrated by the Department of Work and Pensions and supports vulnerable households. During cold weather, when people have less or no work or do not have enough sources of income, then cold weather payment programs assist them.

 This scheme is relevant during cold weather when temperatures reach -10 C or below. By providing financial help to vulnerable households in the UK, cold weather payment postcodes give them much-needed relief. It helps people keep their house warm in the cold and pay their heating payments without any hassles. The full list of qualifying cold weather payment postcodes has been released by the government. If you want to check that list of 300 postcodes, then you must read this post.

Cold Weather Payment Scheme Details

The Cold Weather Payment Scheme presents people with a £25 advantage, and this payment is allotted for every 7-day duration during which your nearby temperature is at or below 0°C. To obtain this payment, there must be a sustained duration of cold weather, and normally, the temperature needs to be set at freezing for 7 consecutive days.

Insights from the Pensions Minister

Paul Maynard, who currently serves as the Pensions Minister, has show the significance of these payments. He has stated that they play a crucial role in imparting help to households when the weather gets less warm, which facilitates reduced pressure as a result of expensive heating bills. Maynard has pressured that this application is just one issue of a broader method geared toward helping individuals who require it the most. At the same time, the government’s number one objective is to cope with inflation, making sure that people’s cash keeps its value and saves money.

List of 300 qualifying postcodes

27 November

  • Shap – LA8-LA10, CA16, LA21-LA23, CA10-12, CA17,

28 November                                           

  • Albermarle – TS21, TS28, TS29, DL5, DL14-DL17, NE1-NE13, DH1-DH7, NE15-NE18, NE20-NE46, SR1-SR7, DH9, DL4
  • Bainbridge – BD23, BD24, DL8, DL11-DL13
  • Bingley – BB4, HD3, HD7BB8-BB12, BB18, BD1-22,  HX1-HX7, LS21, , HD8, HD9, LS29, OL13, OL14, S36
  • Carlisle – CA1-CA8, DG16
  • Fylingdales – YO21, YO22, YO62, YO13, YO18
  • Redesdale – CA9, DH8, NE19, NE47-NE49
  • Rochdale – OL15, OL16, M24, M26, SK15, BL0-BL9, OL1-OL12,
  • Rostherne – CW4, CW6-CW11, M1-M9, M11-M23, M25, M27-M35, M38, M40, M41, M43-M46, M50, M90, PR7, SK1-SK12, SK14, SK16, WA1-WA16, WN1-WN8
  • Shawbury – SY1-SY6, SY11-SY13, TF1-TF13

5 December

  • Shap – CA10-CA12, CA16, CA17, LA8-LA10, LA21-LA23

Postcodes in the under listing are the areas that have seen the payments caused because of the beginning of the year.

12 January

  • Redesdale – CA9, DH8, NE19, NE47-NE49
  • Shap – CA10-CA12, CA16, CA17, LA8-LA10, LA21-LA23

13 January

  • Albemarle – DH1-DH7, DH9, DL4, DL5, DL14-DL17, NE1-NE13, NE15-NE18, NE20, NE21, NE23, NE25-NE46, SR1-SR7, TS21, TS28, TS29
  • Bainbridge – BD23, BD24, DL8, DL11-DL13
  • Benson – HP5-HP23, HP27, OX9, OX10, OX33, OX39, OX44, OX49, RG9, SL7-SL9
  • Bingley – BB4, BB8-12, BB18, BD1-BD22, HD3, HD7-HD9, HX1-HX7, LS21, LS29, OL13, OL14, S36
  • Charterhall – NE71, TD12, TD15
  • Fylingdales – YO13, YO18, YO21, YO22, YO62
  • Leek Thorncliffe – DE4, DE45, S32, S33, SK13, SK17, SK22, SK23, ST9, ST10, ST13
  • Libanus – CF37-CF48, CF81-CF83, LD3, NP4, NP11-NP13, NP22-NP24, NP44, SA9
  • Marham – CB6, CB7, IP24-IP28, PE12-PE14, PE30-PE38

Eligibility for the Cold Weather Payment

The individual who wants to get the benefit of cold weather payments or see their name in the postcodes list needs to meet the given eligibility criteria.  

  • The deceased men and women are eligible for pension credit
  • Along with this, its benefit may be availed by using those people whose earnings are low, and precise other criteria are included.
  • People who are unemployed and looking for work can also benefit from this, which includes people on a Job Seekers Allowance (JSA) basis.
  • Benefits may also be provided to persons who are unable to work due to contamination or incapacity. They can get benefits under ESA.
  • People who are out of work nowadays could be paid with the help of Universal Credit to help with the price of living.
  • People who are residents of Scotland have to notice that they are now not eligible for this cold weather payment and will, as an alternative, acquire their annual cold heating payment.

How to get Cold Weather Payments

  • Automatic Distribution: Eligible people do not need to apply for the payment now. It is automatically processed and distributed to individuals who qualify.
  • Payment Timeline: The payment is usually deposited into the beneficiary’s bank account in 14 working days following the quit of the 7-day cold weather duration.

When will I get the payment?

If you’re eligible, you’ll get these payments routinely. They need to arrive in a bank account. You receive gain payments within 14 working days of the cold duration. If you trust you are eligible but have no longer obtained the payments, you have to contact the DWP.

Cold Weather Payment status check

Anyone who wants to check the status of their Cold Weather Payment 2024 needs to follow the given steps.

In this way, you may be able to check your cold-weather payment status without difficulty. It helps you to know whether you will allowed to get the benefits of cold weather payments or not.

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