‘Goyo’ Netflix Movie Review: Redefines Romance in Netflix’s Heartwarming Argentine Drama

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'Goyo' Netflix Movie Review

Goyo Movie Review: Good, soul-stirring love dramas are hard to come by. A Turkish romance drama was the most recent excellent production to come out of Netflix. The bond a child has with his terminally sick mother and his newfound father is the subject of the film In Good Hands and its sequel.

Once more, Netflix is here with a charming story about adulthood and love. In the film Goyo, a young guy and an older woman fall in love and eventually find their way back to one another. On July 5, 2024, the film, which was directed by Marcos Carnevale, was made available on the site.

Goyo Movie Review

Asperger’s disease sufferer Gregorio, also known as Goyo, lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with his siblings. One of the most intelligent staff members at the city’s art museum, he works as a curator. Many in his immediate vicinity are aware of his developmental problem, and they have made his life easier by hiring a man only on the basis of his qualifications and ignoring any other characteristics. Nonetheless, Goyo’s interactions with others are few in number.

He sees a woman on his way to work and falls in love with her, only to discover that she works at the museum. Eva Montero is her name, and she has two sons from an abusive marriage. Goyo finds it difficult to express his feelings for Eva, so his brother Matute helps him figure out whether he is infatuated with her or just in love. Does Goyo feel the same way about Eva? The main plot point of the film centres on Eva’s struggle to keep her violent husband at bay.

The normalisation of a love story involving an individual with Asperger’s disease is the most exquisite feature of this narrative. Seeing the highs and lows that an Aspie experiences is both realistic and educational. It’s crucial to understand their speech habits, perspectives, and perceptions. There is no hyperbole in how Goyo presents any of this.

However, the plot moves slowly at first, taking some time to catch up and clarify to the viewer Goyo’s understanding of love and all its associated emotions. The narrative has a hackneyed and obvious conclusion. Thanks to the writers, director, and actors, the middle part of the movie accomplishes most of the heavy lifting.

Gaslighting and other forms of emotional and physical abuse are well-explained in the film. The writers cover a lot of ground regarding the anguish a woman faces in an unhappy marriage in a small number of scenes. The article also discusses the importance of looking for the positive aspects in individuals and seeking out company from those who genuinely want to get to know you.

Goyo and Eva have a lengthy scene together while on a date at his house. Intimacy at its finest is demonstrated in this complex scene where the guy and lady are getting to know one another. The two characters are introduced to one another in their most unadulterated state, and the directing of the entire scene is superb.

Bravo to the creators and writers for handling this sequence with such tact and not criticising any of the protagonists’ responses. It was only via Marcos Carnival’s brilliant direction and writing that there was such wonderful chemistry and intimacy.

The main character of the novel is an innocent man who deals with ladies and owns up to his faults. This film gives many women the impression that they might save a lot of difficulties if only all guys were as honest.

Remember that the creators took their sweet time creating the characters and the storylines surrounding them since this is a drama and not a comedy. With tone-deaf partners all around them, Eva is a realistic portrayal of a woman with no voice in her life and no one listening to her pleas for assistance.

Another major theme of the screenplay is how difficult it is for parents of older generations to comprehend Asperger’s syndrome and how to treat it. This highlights the ignorance surrounding this kind of illness. It also clarifies that parents shouldn’t be put on a pedestal but rather treated like human beings who can be forgiven for their transgressions.

The film’s best part is undoubtedly Goyo’s mother’s speech, which covers a lot of ground about the mother-son bond and the generational divide. The intricacies of the relationship between Goyo and his siblings are the subject of another subplot.

To further normalise the lives of those with Asperger’s disease, his brother and sister refuse to treat him like a victim. It is true that the film lacks feeling at a few key moments. The movie would have been an amazing experience if emotions had been introduced into the story at the appropriate time.

The ideal feelings that unite two individuals in love must be at the centre of any romantic play. The film boasts an excellent background score that enhances the storyline of the picture. The soundtrack has a melancholic quality to it that makes you shiver.

The film features incredibly moving performances. Goyo is played by Nicolás Furtado, who excels in the part of the main character. The performer never goes overboard with the role that has been assigned to him, and his nuanced acting lets the audience perceive the world from his perspective.

Eva, played by Nancy Dupláa, is a devout wife who believes she has met the one in Goyo. It’s evident that she feels anxious. It’s intriguing to see filmmakers not passing judgement on a female lead who chose her own path in life.

With the help of the romantic drama subgenre, Goyo is a charming film that raises important issues. In terms of representation, the movie ought to be truthful.

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