NYT Strands Hints, Answers and Spangram for July 10, 2024

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NYT Strands July 10, 2024

NYT Strands Answers and Spangram: Are you having trouble solving today’s NYT Strands puzzle? The puzzle for today isn’t too difficult, but its theme can cause some confusion for you. The NYT Strands Answers for July 10 are provided here, along with some basic tips in case you’re having trouble finishing the game.

Although NYT Strands isn’t as well-known as its New York Times game brothers Wordle and Connections, it may be just as enjoyable and difficult. Strands recently exited beta testing and is now available on the official Games app of the New York Times, which may attract additional users. In this story, I go into a lot of detail on the NYT Strands rules.

How To Play Strands

The Strands puzzle from the New York Times is a parody of the traditional word search. Since it’s currently in beta, its survival depends on how many people use it each day.

Every day, a new Strands game is available to play. You will be given a six-by-eight grid of letters to work within the game. The goal is to identify a cluster of words that share a common theme; you’ll be able to deduce what that theme is. A theme word will always be highlighted in blue when you find it.

Here’s a little explanation of how to play NYT Strands for new players before we get to the puzzle:

  • To make words, you must link the letters on a grid using your mouse or your fingers if you’re using a touchscreen. To join letters diagonally, vertically, or horizontally, drag your mouse.
  • To better understand the Strands topic, look for the Spangram or the main theme word.
  • In addition to the Spangram, you also need to look for additional theme words in the problem; solving them all will reveal the solution.

Today’s Theme for NYT Strands

Today’s Strands theme is: In Neverland.

Hints for Today’s Strands

There is always that one Spangram in a Strands game that you have to figure out, and today’s was no exception.

Here’s the hint for today’s Spangram: leader of Neverland.

But here’s a hint if it doesn’t work for you: Straight ahead until sunrise, with the second star to the right.

It should be simple to determine the theme words if you have deduced the Spangram from the given clue. I don’t want to spoil it for you, though. Alternatively, you may find the following tips helpful:

  • Hint 1: woman with a fishtail
  • Hint 2: wooden leg and eyepatch

Today’s NYT Strands Answers (July 10, 2024)

You are probably ready to see the answers if you have scrolled this far. Now, let’s examine the NYT Strands theme words for today:

  • HOOK

Today’s NYT Strands Spangram

PeterPan is the theme of today’s Strands Spangram. The way to spell it is to wind it around to the far left, beginning with the P, which is three letters down on the far right.

NYT Strands Spangram July 10, 2024
NYT Strands Spangram July 10, 2024

You won’t have any trouble solving the puzzle without the help of any hints thanks to the subject that the NYT Editors offered today. After immediately scanning the grid, I located PIRATES and HOOK on the left side. I formed the phrases DARLING and MERMAID at the top by joining the letters above Hook.

This made it easier for me to identify the Spangram that we’re using today, PeterPan, which is left to right. All I had to do to complete today’s puzzle was join the last two letters, LAGOON and CROCODILE.

That’s the NYT Strands Answers and Spangram for today, along with some helpful hints. If you were unable to guess it this time, don’t be too hard on yourself. Tomorrow, there’ll be fresh NYT Strands to challenge your brain power, and we’ll be returning to provide you with further supportive guidance.