The Boys Season 4 Episode 7 Recap and Review: A Festive Frenzy of Betrayals and Plot Twists

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The Boys Season 4 Episode 7 Recap and Review

The Boys Season 4 Episode 7 Recap and Review: As we dive into the penultimate episode of The Boys Season 4, the stakes have never been higher. Episode 7 throws us headfirst into a whirlwind of festive chaos, political machinations, and gut-wrenching betrayals. Let’s break down the madness that unfolded in this holiday-themed rollercoaster.

The Boys Season 4 Episode 7 Recap

The episode kicks off with Ryan, our conflicted young supe, facing a moral quandary. He’s thrust into the spotlight, rehearsing for a kids’ commercial that’s more propaganda than holiday cheer. The jingle he’s forced to sing spews hatred towards Antifa and encourages children to rat out their parents. It’s enough to make anyone’s skin crawl, let alone a kid with a conscience.

Unable to stomach the blatant manipulation, Ryan bails on the rehearsal. But it’s not all doom and gloom for our young hero. Back in his suite, he discovers a Christmas gift from none other than Butcher, masquerading under the alias “Don T. Beakunt” (real subtle, Butcher). The present? A heartwarming photo of Butcher, Becca, and their family dog. It’s a touching reminder of the bond between Ryan and his surrogate father figure.

Vought’s Power Play

Meanwhile, at Vought Tower, Homelander and Firecracker are playing a dangerous game of corporate chess. They’ve set their sights on Sage, claiming she’s not up to snuff when it comes to finding leaks or outsmarting The Boys. Homelander demotes her, relegating her to the task of finding a mysterious shooter.

But here’s where it gets juicy – A-Train, ever the opportunist, eavesdrops on this conversation and wastes no time alerting The Boys. It’s a classic case of playing both sides, and A-Train is walking a tightrope that’s bound to snap sooner or later.

The Deep’s Fishy Business

While all this is going down, The Deep is up to his usual shenanigans. He’s been stringing along poor Ambrosius the octopus with empty promises, only to ditch her for a hook-up with Sage. It’s classic Deep behaviour – always thinking with the wrong head.

The Boys’ Family Troubles

The Boys aren’t having an easy time of it either. They’re desperately trying to convince their loved ones to skip town before Vicky potentially ascends to the presidency. But it’s not going smoothly.

Annie’s mom, Donna, is proving to be a real thorn in their side. Not only is she refusing to leave, but she’s also stirring up drama by revealing Annie’s abortion and Hughie’s secret stash of the Starlight costume. It’s a powder keg of emotions that leads to a heart-wrenching moment between Annie and Hughie. She finally breaks down, confessing her fear of bringing a child into a world that seems to be on the brink of destruction.

Butcher’s Return and The Virus Plot

Butcher makes his grand return to the team, admitting he’s hit a roadblock. He spills the beans about Sameer and the airborne virus, much to Joe’s chagrin. The rest of the team can’t help but notice Butcher seems a bit off his game.

But Butcher’s got a plan brewing. He’s sprung Frenchie from the slammer to assist Sameer, aiming to produce enough of the virus to take out both Homelander and Vicky. Meanwhile, the rest of the team will investigate Sage’s shooter.

In a surprising turn of events, MM steps down as leader, allowing Butcher to take the reins once again. It’s a move that catches everyone off guard, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

A-Train’s Moral Dilemma

A-Train finds himself at a crossroads. He checks in on Ashley, who’s just learned the truth about Coleman’s death. She’s a mess, dreaming of escaping to Florence, but A-Train manages to talk her down.

Then, he faces an even bigger challenge – convincing MM not to leave with Monique. A-Train reveals how MM’s influence has turned him into a real hero, one who actually saves people. When that fails to sway MM, A-Train resorts to a chilling reminder: Homelander’s vengeance knows no bounds and will follow MM wherever he goes.

The Shooter Revealed

Hughie, Annie, and Butcher set off to track down the shooter, with Butcher still giving Joe the cold shoulder. They uncover evidence suggesting the shooter plans to assassinate Singer at his next rally. But when they attempt to rescue a girl they find locked up, they’re in for a nasty surprise.

The “victim” turns out to be the shooter herself – a shapeshifter who manages to wound Hughie before escaping. It’s a classic bait-and-switch that leaves our heroes reeling.

Frenchie and Kimiko’s Emotional Reunion

The Boys Season 4 Episode 7
The Boys Season 4 Episode 7

Back at the makeshift lab, Frenchie is working with Sameer to develop the virus. He shows unexpected kindness to the scientist, even lying to assure him the virus won’t be used on Vicky.

This leads to a touching moment between Frenchie and Kimiko. They finally hash out their issues, with Kimiko revealing the tragic origin of her silence. It’s a powerful scene that deepens their bond and sets the stage for their plan to free Sameer once his work is complete.

Vought’s Witch Hunt

At Vought, Firecracker is practically giddy as she presents Webweaver as the leak. Despite some inconsistencies in his story, Homelander buys it and summarily executes him. It’s a brutal reminder of the high stakes in this world.

Frustrated by these developments, Homelander leaves an angry voicemail for Ryan, pressuring him to go through with the Antifa commercial.

The Deep’s Dark Turn

In a shocking twist, The Deep’s relationship with Ambrosius takes a dark turn. Realizing she’s the only leverage anyone has over him, he makes the cold-blooded decision to let her die. It’s a chilling moment that shows just how far The Deep has fallen.

The Battle at the Loft

Things come to a head when The Deep and Noir II ambush Butcher and Annie at the loft. It’s a knock-down, drag-out fight that sees our heroes on the ropes. Just when all seems lost, A-Train and MM swoop in for the rescue.

But the victory comes at a cost – A-Train’s cover is blown. In a bittersweet moment, he bids farewell to Ashley, who chooses to stay behind, before making his escape.

Homelander’s Rage and Sage’s Deception

Homelander is devastated by A-Train’s betrayal, but his sorrow quickly turns to fury when Sage reveals she knew about A-Train all along. It was all part of her plan to feed misinformation to The Boys. But Homelander, tired of secrets and lies, fires her on the spot.

The Aftermath

As the dust settles, our heroes find themselves scattered and reeling. Butcher, Annie, and MM hole up in a bar, drowning their sorrows. Kimiko and Frenchie face a terrifying setback when Sameer manages to infect Kimiko with the virus, forcing Frenchie to take drastic action.

Ryan, in a moment of bravery inspired by Butcher, goes off-script during the live commercial, standing up for the truth his mother taught him. It’s a proud moment for Butcher, watching from afar, but his triumph is short-lived as he suddenly collapses.

The Final Twist

In a shocking finale, we learn that Annie who reconciled with Hughie was actually the shapeshifter in disguise. The real Annie is chained up somewhere, having been ambushed earlier. It’s a gut-punch of an ending that leaves us on the edge of our seats for the season finale.

The Boys Season 4 Episode 7 Review

The Boys Season 4 Episode 7 Review
The Boys Season 4 Episode 7 Review

This penultimate episode of The Boys Season 4 is a masterclass in tension-building and plot twists. It skillfully juggles multiple storylines while ratcheting up the stakes for our beloved characters.

The revelation of Sage’s long game adds a new layer of complexity to the already intricate web of alliances and betrayals. Her firing by Homelander opens up intriguing possibilities for the finale. Could we see Sage teaming up with The Boys? Her strategic mind could be a valuable asset, but can she be trusted?

The virus plot takes centre stage, providing The Boys with a potential game-changer in their fight against Homelander and Vicky. However, with Sameer on the loose and Kimiko infected, the situation remains volatile.

Ryan’s character development continues to be a highlight. His decision to stand up for the truth during the live commercial showcases his growth and the positive influence Butcher has had on him, despite their complicated relationship.

The shapeshifter twist at the end is a brilliant move, adding an extra layer of paranoia to an already tense situation. It leaves us questioning every interaction we’ve seen, wondering what else might not be as it seems.

However, the episode isn’t without its flaws. The inclusion of another dubious consent sex scene for Hughie so soon after his assault feels tone-deaf and unnecessary. The show needs to tread more carefully with such sensitive topics.

Additionally, the sheer number of plot threads being juggled raises concerns about how satisfyingly they can all be resolved in a single finale episode. We have:

  1. The shapeshifter posing as Annie and stealing vital information
  2. The real Annie’s captivity
  3. A-Train’s escape and potential redemption arc
  4. Ryan’s defiance and Homelander’s reaction
  5. Sameer’s escape and the threat of him revealing everything to Vicky
  6. The virus plot and its potential consequences
  7. Butcher’s mysterious collapse
  8. The looming threat of Vicky’s potential presidency

That’s a lot to wrap up in one episode, even for a show as fast-paced as The Boys.

Despite these concerns, The Boys Season 4 Episode 7 delivers a thrilling, emotionally charged instalment that sets the stage for what promises to be an explosive finale. It showcases the show’s trademark blend of dark humour, shocking violence, and genuine character moments.

The performances across the board are stellar, with special mention to Antony Starr’s Homelander, whose every scene crackles with menace and unpredictability. The writing remains sharp, balancing multiple tones and genres with aplomb.

As we head into the season finale, The Boys has positioned all its pieces for what should be a spectacular endgame. Will The Boys succeed in their plan to take down Homelander and Vicky? Can they unravel the shapeshifter’s deception in time? And what consequences will Ryan face for his act of defiance?

One thing’s for certain – if this episode is any indication, we’re in for one hell of a ride. The Boys continues to push boundaries and subvert expectations, cementing its place as one of the most daring and provocative shows on television.

So buckle up, folks. The Boys Season 4 finale is coming, and if this episode is any indication, it’s going to be a wild, unpredictable, and utterly unmissable conclusion to what has been a rollercoaster of a season.

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