Top 7 Places visit in india

YASH Jaiswal · 14 June, 2024


The green Himalayas are such that one does not feel like leaving this place. Uttarakhand is called the land of Gods.

No. 7


It is a very good place to visit alone. You will feel secluded here. The healthy sea breeze of the Arabian Sea forms the western boundary here.

No. 6


Karnataka is one of the mythological tourist destinations. It is a mix of ancient ruins and beaches with beautiful big cities.

No. 5


The state of Rajasthan is known all over the world for its glorious history, colorful culture and warm hospitality.

No. 4

Madhya Pradesh

Indore is the largest city in the state of Madhya Pradesh. It is also fondly called the heart of India. People come here to visit especially because of its geographical location.

No. 3


A small paradise located on the west coast of India which we call Goa, many people come here to visit, it is a very famous place

No. 2


Maharashtra is the most beautiful state of India. People come here to visit. It is a natural beauty because of its mountain ranges and proximity to the sea.

No. 1