Demon Slayer Season 4 Ending Explained

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Demon Slayer Season 4 Ending Explained

Demon Slayer Season 4 Ending Explained: The most heartbreaking and difficult scenes have finally closed the shortest season of Demon Slayer. Furthermore, we have to acknowledge that Ufotable rivals it all in terms of flashy animation. We were captivated by Tanjiro and his companions’ training with the Hashiras in the fourth season right up until the very end.

The conclusion of Demon Slayer Season 4 exceeded our expectations in every way. Now, let’s go into more depth about the Hashira Training arc’s conclusion.

What Happens in Demon Slayer Season 4 Finale?

The eighth and final, forty-minute episode of Demon Slayer Season 4 had an explosive ending, which we have discussed here.

Muzan Confronts Ubuyashiki

The amazing appearance of Demon King Muzan Kibutsuji in the Ubuyashiki estate was shown in Demon Slayer Season 4 Episode 7. But we didn’t find out why he came to see the sick Demon Slayer Corps chief until the very last episode.

Kagaya Ubuyashiki sensed the demon lord even though he was blind. Kagaya said, “Nice to meet you, I should say Muzan Kibutsuji,” without even looking at him.

Because Kagaya has bandages covering half of his face, Muzan makes fun of him by calling him ugly. Kagaya questions Amane about Muzan’s appearance and physique in a tremulous voice. He is informed by Amane that Muzan appears to be in his late 20s.

Muzan and Ubuyashiki then have a protracted discussion. The former tells the latter that he hopes to capture Nezuko, one of Demon Slayer’s strongest female characters, in order to become immortal.

He is informed by Ubuyashiki of the true meaning of eternity and is informed that, if anything is genuinely eternal, it is the will of man, and that he cannot accomplish it. Then he claims that even though the Demon Slayer Corps lost a number of soldiers, the group is still unstoppable.

Ubuyashiki’s Bombastic Trap for Muzan

Muzan had no idea what was going through Ubuyashiki’s thoughts or what the dying man was up to. The leader of the Demon Slayer Corps informs him that, in his opinion, the Hashira won’t suffer any consequences from his passing. He goes on to declare that each fighter will only become stronger as a result of his passing.

According to Ubuyashiki, his passing will give the Hashiras greater vigour and motivation to drive out the demons. After hearing this, Muzan becomes enraged and prepares to murder Ubuyashiki, his wife, and their two kids.

Ubuyashiki, however, sacrifices himself and his family by causing his own house to explode and catch fire before he can do any harm to the family. The Ubuyashiki family perishes quickly, but Muzan explodes and is unable to regenerate right away due to the spikes buried in the blast.

Tomayo’s Struggle Against Muzan

Tomayo attacked Muzan when he was still having trouble healing, using her Blood demon art to puncture the demon’s body with thorns. Subsequently, the demonic woman appears and strikes him severely. Then she claims that there is a medication in her fist that will make him human. When Muzan hears this, she punches her back, forcing her to remember the moment she devoured her husband and kids.

With tears in her eyes, Tomayo shouted at him, telling him that all she wanted was to live and see her kids grow up, even though the condition was incurable. She adds that she would never have consented to the metamorphosis if she had known that, upon turning into a demon, she would be the cause of her family’s downfall. But after admitting that she will die alongside Muzan in order to atone for her transgressions, she summons the Stone Hashira from Demon Slayer.

The Beginning of the Final Battle

Muzan’s head is severed by Gyomei Himejima, the Stone Hashira, using his flail axe from behind. However, the demon lord regenerates faster than other demons because of his superior regeneration abilities.

Tanjiro appears along with every other Hashira as the demon begins to attack the Stone Hashira. Gyomei assures them that the devil will not perish even if they chop off Muzan’s head. Fighting Muzan till daybreak is the only way to end his life. That’s because the Demon Lord can only be killed by sunlight.

Who dies in the finale?

After the last episode, Muzan Kibutsuji started entering Ubuyashiki’s house. He’s still doing it a week later and for a longer period of time. We are here for the drama since this guy loves it so much.

If the stunning effects surrounding Kibutsuji are any indication, the animators are too. Nevertheless, despite all of that anticipation, Ubuyashiki and his family take no action to try to stop him or flee. It would be pointless to take on such a strong demon, and it appears the patriarch of the entire Demon Slayer core has one more trick up his sleeve.

We learn through some rather fascinating exposition that the two are, in fact, linked, and that’s why Ubuyashiki and the other men in his family are cursed to be weak and ill from birth. It’s karmic retaliation for creating such a horrible creature that has killed so many people. It seems a bit harsh, but whatever. In an attempt to escape this never-ending cycle, Ubuyashiki has been clinging to life despite the fact that his own demise is inevitable.

Not only would killing Kibutsuji put a stop to that karmic path. The stakes are tremendous since it would also mean that every demon ever would die. However, how could a weak human possibly hope to overcome the Big Bad of the show? He chooses to put a stop to it permanently with a massive explosion since he knows that even if Ubuyashiki dies, the other portions of the demon slayer core will continue to exist.

Massive and destructive, the blast instantaneously destroys Ubuyashiki and his family, as well as the entire estate. Did this plan need the deaths of his creepy offspring as well? They were the creepiest kids ever, and since no one would miss them, our heart says yes even though our intellect says no.

Well, Ubuyashiki is dead now, but this was all part of his plan to finally vanquish Kibutsuji. Even if the explosion wouldn’t kill him, it would slow him down considerably—especially since it contains some components that are poisonous to demons and slows down Kibutsuji’s regeneration process.

How does Demon Slayer Season 4 set up the Infinity Castle movie trilogy?

With the help of his insane demon lord abilities, Kibutsuji drags everyone into his Infinity Castle, a place where everything is upside down, left to right, and victory is stolen at the last second. Indeed, that’s how b***h Kibutsuji is. Still, the battle hasn’t been won.

After this actual cliffhanger, Studio Ufotable disclosed that the last Demon Slayer arc—which is, unsurprisingly, named Infinity Castle—will not be televised as a regular season. Rather, the final major conflict will take place in not one, not two, but three films that will hit theatres early next year.

What comes after will surely be the fastest-moving and most destructive Demon Slayer yet, even if season 4 is recognised as the slowest and possibly most humorous season. If the twists prove too shocking—which we know they will—not everyone, including us, will escape the Infinity Castle alive.

Thus, Muzan transports the Hashira to the Infinity Castle in the Demon Slayer Season 4 ending as each of them uses their own breathing technique to approach the demon lord. Zenitsu, Inosuke, and other Demon Slayer Corps members arrive with the same goal in mind: to kill the worst demons.

The Demon King and the Hashiras, along with Tanjiro and his allies, will engage in their ultimate battle in the Infinity Castle. The surviving Upper Moon monsters, such as Kukoshibo and Akaza, reside in this domain. The Demon Slayer Infinity Castle movie trilogy was revealed following the conclusion, and we are eager to see how Tanjiro and Hashira will battle the Muzan.

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