NYT Connections 388 Hints and Answers for July 3 2024

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NYT Connections #388 Connections is a New York Times puzzle in which millions of players try to find relationships between different words and arrange them in groups of four. Today Connections Puzzle July 3 2024​ Connections Answers can be seen below. We have tried to provide you the answers to NYT Connections #388 July 3 2024 through this article.

NYT Connections

NYT Connection is a word first game played by millions of people daily. The game was developed and published by The New York Times as part of the New York Times Games. It was released on June 12, 2023 for PC and is the second word first game published by The Times after Wordle.

NYT Connections  388 Answers for July 3 2024

Categories for Today’s Connections Puzzle

  • Yellow Theme :  Develop, as Ideas
  • Green Theme : Tangible
  • Blue Theme : Kinds of Cake
  • Purple Theme :  Things You Can Throw, In Metaphors

NYT Connections Answers for July 3 2024 answer here below.

     Develop, as Ideas

 Brainstorm, Ideate, Spitball, Workshop


 Concrete, Material, Real, Solid

         Kinds of Cake

 Birthday, Crumb, Marble, Pound

  Things You Can Throw, In Metaphors

Curveball, Party, Tantrum, Wrench                         

How to Play NYT Connections

If you want to play nyt connection game then you can play through the process given below.

  • Visit the website    https://www.nytimes.com/games/connections of New York Times Connection.
  • Then you can download the NYT Games app from the Play Store to play New York Times Connection Games.
  •  Then the game will open.
  •  Then choose such words in the game which have commonality.
  • Then you have to submit.
  • Now all the ideas you have chosen will be grouped together in one of the words.
  • Then you will move forward in the day like this.
  • While playing, you will lose your four chances and then it will continue.
  •  In such a situation, you will get the solution with the effort snapshot.
  • In this way you can easily play this game.

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