PM Shri Yojana 2024: 14,500 schools will be made modern under PM Shri Yojana, know full details

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PM Shri Yojana 2024

PM Shri Yojana is a plan started by our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, to make schools better and smarter. This plan was launched on Teacher’s Day in 2022.

PM Shri Yojana 2024

Scheme NamePM SHRI Scheme
Announced ByPrime Minister Narendra Modi
Announcement Date5th September 2022 (Teacher’s Day)
ObjectiveUpgrade old schools in India
Number of Schools14,500 schools
Type of SchemeCentral Government Scheme

PM Shri Yojana is a plan by the central government to improve over 14500 schools in India. The goal is to make these schools better and safer, providing students with a good environment to focus on their studies.

Over the next five years, from 2022-23 to 2026-27, selected schools in different states will be upgraded with smart classes and better facilities. This will help students learn more effectively.

What is PM Shri Yojana?

PM Shri Yojana is a central government scheme whose motive is to upgrade old schools in India. The purpose is to improve 14,500 selected schools.

The scheme’s Motive is to give smart education in many schools. It was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Teacher’s Day in 2022.

PM Shri Yojana 2024 Motive

The PM Shri Yojana 2024 motive is to improve 14,500 old schools in India. The plan is to make these schools better and connect them to smart education by using new technology and teaching methods to help students learn better. These improved schools will not only be great places for students to learn, but they will also help other schools get better too.

The government wants these schools to provide high-quality education and help students develop important skills for the 21st century.

List of All selected Schools under PM Shri Yojana

Under the PM Shri Yojana, 14 schools from different areas.

  • UPGHS Moktama in Sadar block
  • MS Diwankhana Mohalla in Chatra Nagar
  • Middle School, Gidhaur
  • UHS Jogiara in Pratappur
  • UPSHS Tetrai in Hunterganj
  • Kasturba Gandhi Girls School, Simaria
  • UPGPS Shahpur in Kunda
  • Lawalaung UPGHS in Lawalaung
  • UPGMS Husain in Mayurhand
  • UPGMS Nongaon in Pathalgada
  • UPGHS Khadaiya in Tandwa
  • Itkhori Middle School in Itkhori
  • UPGHS Tonatand
  • UPGMS Rajpur in Kanhachatti

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