Udyogini Yojana Scheme 2024 – Eligibility, Loan Amount and Interest Rate

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Udyogini Yojana Scheme

There is a significant rise in the number of women entrepreneurs in our country. Despite the huge growth of women in the business world, they have limited access to funds and face problems while getting loans. To help entrepreneur women, the government has launched one of the best schemes, the Udyogini Yojana Scheme 2024. Udyogini Yojana Scheme is the scheme that empowers women by giving them financial assistance. Women in development and rural areas are eligible to apply for this scheme and receive benefits.

Udyogini Yojana Scheme 2024

The government has started the Udyogini Yojana Scheme for the benefit of business women in India. Under this scheme, the government provide loans to women up to 3 lakh so they can get more growth and make their successful careers. The women of rural and underdeveloped areas who earn less than 1.5 lakh a year are eligible to apply for this scheme.

The aim of this scheme is to help women entrepreneurs in their businesses and empower beginners to start their work. This scheme is run by Women Development Corporation and improves the business skills of women.

Scheme NameUdyogini Yojana Scheme
Implemented ByGovernment of India
BeneficiariesWomen entrepreneurs in India
Interest RateCompetitive, subsidized, or potentially free
Annual Family Income CapUp to Rs. 1.5 lakh
Maximum Loan AmountUp to Rs. 3 lakhs
Income Limit for LoanNo income limit
Collateral RequirementNo collateral is required for widows or disabled women
Processing FeeNo processing fee

By taking a loan from this scheme, the women are able to start their work in beauty parlours, canteens, sewing, catering, etc. and become financially stable.

Benefits of the Udyogini Yojana Scheme

The Udyogini Yojana Scheme is an effort made by the government to empower working women and improve their financial ability.

Women empowerment

This government scheme aims to empower women by giving them loans and skill training to improve their skills. It assists them in their business and makes them financially stable. It also improves the economic development of the nation.

Assistance and motivation

The Udyogini Yojana Scheme assist and motivate women from rural and underdeveloped areas. It empowers them to become entrepreneurs. It gives them skill training, financial assistance and other support to grow their business.

Skill training

This scheme also provides skill training to women and helps them to overcome challenges. It improves women’s skills and ensures their growth in business.

Support for women from rural and underdeveloped backgrounds

The government will provide financial support to women under the Udyogini Yojana Scheme. It helps them overcome business challenges and access enough training and capital to operate their business

Women’s development and empowerment

The Udyogini Yojana Scheme give the opportunity to women to start their businesses and get a sense of control over their company. It develops women and empowers them to participate in all types of activities and improve their image in society.

Eligibility criteria

The people who want to apply for the Udyogini Yojana Scheme should meet the eligibility criteria given below.

  • This scheme is for women entrepreneurs
  • Applicant should be between 18 to 55 years old
  • The women from the BPL family are eligible. Women of another category may be relaxed under this scheme.
  • For general and special categories- The income of the applicant should be less than 1.5 lakh to become eligible for this scheme.
  • Disabled or widowed women- No limit on family income
  • Women have a good credit history and no past loan outstanding payments to become eligible for the Udyogini Yojana Scheme 2024

Required documents

Here are the various documents that applicants should have while applying for the Udyogini Yojana Scheme

  • Colored passport-size photo
  • Voter ID card or ration card
  • Detailed project report of the project for which women need a loan
  • Certificate regarding training or business experience
  • Caste certificate
  • Family annual income certificate
  • Quotations of equipment, machinery and capital expenses

Udyogini Yojana Scheme Loan amount and interest rate

The loan amount given under the Udyogini Yojana Scheme with specific interest rates is given below

  • Maximum limit- This scheme gives loans to eligible women up to 3 lakh.
  • There may be some variations in loan amounts based on your business needs. It is suggested to check with the nodal agency or WDC of your state to determine the loan amount you get under this scheme.
  • You get the loan under this scheme at 6% interest rate
  • Women of special categories, like disabled or widows, may get interest-free loans

Which banks give the Udyogini Yojana Scheme

There are many banks that contribute to the Udyogini Yojana Scheme and provide loans to eligible women. The banks are Sind Bank, Punjab Bank, Karnataka State Women’s Development Corporation (KSWDC) and Saraswat Bank. These banks help women get money, join training programs, improve their skills, and grow their businesses.

Udyogini Yojana Scheme – How to apply online?

The women need to visit the nearest bank branch with the required documents to apply offline. If you want to apply for the Udyogini Yojana Scheme online, then here are the steps you should follow

  • Visit the official portal of Udyogini scheme
  • On the homepage, tap on the register button
  • The application form opens
  • Start filling in your details accurately in the application form
  • Attach your documents with it
  • Verify the details and tap on the submit button
  • In this way, you are applied for the Udyogini Yojana Scheme
  • Take print of your form for future reference

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